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Foot Reflexology

50 min |  $70.00


Start with a detoxifying herbal foot soak as a licensed therapist targets any stubborn knots on your back, neck and shoulders. Once relaxed, lay back into one of our super comfy loungers for the best reflexology massage imaginable!

Foot Only Reflexology

 25 min | $40.00
 50 min | $80.00

This service does not include any foot soak or back massage.

Downtown Delray Detox 

80 min | $100.00

An upgraded foot only reflexology service in an old-fashioned wooden foot soaking tub embedded with river rocks. Soak in Epsom salt with bourbon vanilla, vetiver, rose, ginger, tangerine and ylang ylang organic essential oils. Served with a butler style pot of White Lion tea paired with chocolate truffles. Finishing with a eucalyptus peppermint foot scrub leaving your feet refreshed and revitalized.

Now you're ready to tackle the town.

Table Reflexology

50 min |  $100.00
  80 min |  $130.00

Enjoy reflexology on a warm massage table focusing on the ears, hands and feet. An aromatherapy scalp massage and facial acupressure is also included. This service does not include back work or body massage.

A full body massage customized to your preference of focus and pressure. Whether you desire of light touch or deep tissue, this massage will aid in relaxation as well as increasing circulation.

Custom Massage

50 min |  $115.00  
 80 min |  $150.00 
110 min |  $220.00  

Couples Massage

50 min | $230.00
80 min | $300.00
110 min | $440.00  

Custom massages for two and in our

couples suite.

Targeted Massage

25 min | $60.00

Best to focus on a specific area of concern, whether it is back pain, a knot in your neck, your legs are sore or another requested issue, this table massage is the service for you

Haven Scent

50 min |  $125.00
  80 min |  $160.00  

Indulge in an aromatherapy custom massage to increase calmness and reduce stress.

Sampler Massage

50 min |  $125.00
80 min |  $160.00

A combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and Reflexology techniques.
A perfect treatment for the spa novice.

A treatment designed to target soreness and muscle fatigue. Start with a deep flow full body massage and finish with a detoxifying body wrap including a detox balm to help you recover faster.

Athlete's Haven

 80 min |  $170.00

Stretching Haven

25 min |  $50.00  
50 min |  $100.00

Stretching designed to improve your flexibility, posture and range of motion.

Mother To Be

50 min |  $125.00
  80 min |  $160.00  

A massage catered to the expecting mother. Guest must be at least 13 weeks pregnant
to experience this treatment.

Stone Haven

50 min |  $125.00 
 80 min |  $160.00  

A relaxing full body massage using heated polished basalt stones to help relax tense muscles, relieve pain and promote circulation.

*Suggested enhancement cool facial stones ($10)

A relaxing full body massage with a healing technique using warm salt crystal stones. They ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians. Salt crystals from the Himalayan mountains are hand carved into massage stones that gently soothe away any stress, tension and pollutants.

Himalayan Bliss

50 min |  $125.00 
 80 min |  $160.00  

Cupping Haven

50 min |  $125.00
80 min |  $160.00

A custom massage including cupping therapy which is used to suction specific areas to help with pain, inflammation and blood flow.

Lymphatic Drainage

50 min |  $100.00
  80 min |  $140.00  

A massage targeting the nervous system to promote relaxation using long centripetal strokes to enhance circulation and lymphatic drainage. Recommended after surgery.

MPS is applied bi-laterally to entire length of scars and then connected to key acupuncture
points for localized cellular release and electrical re-connection of the body. This technique is
especially effective in treating scars and adhesions deep inside us.
In general, this treatment is completely painless. You will see immediate visible changes in the
appearance of the and pliability of the scar and gradually will notice a reduction in the tightness
throughout the entire body. When a scar has been released there is no longer a restriction in
the flow of energy, blood circulation and lymph drainage. The body can then complete the
healing process. This is not a body massage.

MPS Scar Adhesion
Release Therapy 

Plantar Fasciitis Foot treatment 

25 min |  $90.00


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